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Multiple imputation of missing covariates when using the Fine-Gray model

survival-lumc/FineGrayCovarMI 26 May 2024

The Fine-Gray model for the subdistribution hazard is commonly used for estimating associations between covariates and competing risks outcomes.


26 May 2024

Cumulant-based approximation for fast and efficient prediction for species distribution

Osamu-Komori/CBA_package 23 May 2024

This equivalence leads to an highly efficient computational method for estimating species distribution.

Methodology Statistics Theory Statistics Theory

23 May 2024

Normalizing Basis Functions: Approximate Stationary Models for Large Spatial Data

antonyxsik/Normalization-Paper 22 May 2024

In geostatistics, traditional spatial models often rely on the Gaussian Process (GP) to fit stationary covariances to data.

Computation Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis Applications

22 May 2024

Spectral analysis for noisy Hawkes processes inference

migmtz/noisy-hawkes-process 21 May 2024

Classic estimation methods for Hawkes processes rely on the assumption that observed event times are indeed a realisation of a Hawkes process, without considering any potential perturbation of the model.


21 May 2024

Euclidean mirrors and first-order changepoints in network time series

TianyiChen97/Euclidean-mirrors-and-first-order-changepoints-in-network-time-series 17 May 2024

We describe a model for a network time series whose evolution is governed by an underlying stochastic process, known as the latent position process, in which network evolution can be represented in Euclidean space by a curve, called the Euclidean mirror.


17 May 2024

Sparse and Orthogonal Low-rank Collective Matrix Factorization (solrCMF): Efficient data integration in flexible layouts

cyianor/solrcmf 16 May 2024

Of particular interest is the separation of variation present in data sources into shared and individual subspaces.


16 May 2024

Nonparametric Inference on Dose-Response Curves Without the Positivity Condition

zhangyk8/npDoseResponse 15 May 2024

In this paper, we present a novel integral estimator of the causal effects with continuous treatments (i. e., dose-response curves) without requiring the positivity condition.

Methodology Statistics Theory Applications Statistics Theory 62G05 (Primary) 62D20, 62G20 (Secondary)

15 May 2024

Sequential Maximal Updated Density Parameter Estimation for Dynamical Systems with Parameter Drift

ut-chg/pydci 14 May 2024

We present a novel method for generating sequential parameter estimates and quantifying epistemic uncertainty in dynamical systems within a data-consistent (DC) framework.

Methodology Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis Other Statistics

14 May 2024

A Generalized Difference-in-Differences Estimator for Unbiased Estimation of Desired Estimands from Staggered Adoption and Stepped-Wedge Settings

leekshaffer/GenDID 14 May 2024

By constructing an estimator using two-by-two difference-in-difference comparisons as building blocks with arbitrary weights, the investigator can select weights to target the desired estimand in an unbiased manner under assumed treatment effect homogeneity, and minimize the variance under an assumed working covariance structure.

Methodology Applications 62

14 May 2024

Doubly-robust inference and optimality in structure-agnostic models with smoothness

matteobonvini/dr_inference 14 May 2024

While DRAL is generally not possible in the pure structure-agnostic class, we show that it can be attained in the new hybrid one.


14 May 2024