Joint and Individual Component Regression

peiyaow/jico 26 Sep 2022

We propose a novel Joint and Individual Component Regression (JICO) model to analyze multi-group data.

Methodology Applications

26 Sep 2022

Convex Support Vector Regression

ds2010/csvr 26 Sep 2022

Nonparametric regression subject to convexity or concavity constraints is increasingly popular in economics, finance, operations research, machine learning, and statistics.


26 Sep 2022

Anytime Valid Tests of Conditional Independence Under Model-X

alexanderhenzi/eindependence 26 Sep 2022

We propose a sequential, anytime valid method to test the conditional independence of a response $Y$ and a predictor $X$ given a random vector $Z$.

Methodology Statistics Theory Statistics Theory

26 Sep 2022

Finite-sample Rousseeuw-Croux scale estimators

andreyakinshin/paper-frc 25 Sep 2022

The actual Gaussian efficiency of $S_n$ and $Q_n$ for small sample sizes is noticeable lower than in the asymptotic case.

Methodology 62G05, 62G35, 62Q05

25 Sep 2022

Nonparametric clustering of RNA-sequencing data

matematikoi/non_parametric_clustering 23 Sep 2022

In this manuscript, we review some of the approaches used to select a distribution for the needed mixture model first.


23 Sep 2022

Robust beta regression through the logit transformation

ffqueiroz/robustbetareg 22 Sep 2022

Nonetheless, it is well-known that the maximum likelihood-based inference suffers from the lack of robustness in the presence of outliers.


22 Sep 2022

Inference of nonlinear causal effects with GWAS summary data

nl-causal/nonlinear-causal 19 Sep 2022

An application of the proposed method to the ADNI gene expression data and the IGAP GWAS summary data identifies 18 causal genes associated with Alzheimer's disease, including APOE and TOMM40, in addition to 7 other genes missed by two-stage least squares considering only linear relationships.

Methodology Applications Computation

19 Sep 2022

High-dimensional data segmentation in regression settings permitting heavy tails and temporal dependence

Dom-Owens-UoB/moseg 19 Sep 2022

We propose a data segmentation methodology for the high-dimensional linear regression problem where the regression parameters are allowed to undergo multiple changes.


19 Sep 2022

MVPBT: R package for publication bias tests in meta-analysis of diagnostic accuracy studies

nomahi/mvpbt 14 Sep 2022

A R package MVPBT (https://github. com/nomahi/MVPBT) is developed to implement the generalized Egger tests developed by Noma (2020; Biometrics 76, 1255-1259) for DTA meta-analysis.

Computation Applications

14 Sep 2022

Empirical Bayes Multistage Testing for Large-Scale Experiments

amset2022/amset 13 Sep 2022

Modern application of A/B tests is challenging due to its large scale in various dimensions, which demands flexibility to deal with multiple testing sequentially.


13 Sep 2022