Bayesian Multiresolution Modeling Of Georeferenced Data

26 May 2020  ·  Paige John, Fuglstad Geir-Arne, Riebler Andrea, Wakefield Jon ·

Current implementations of multiresolution methods are limited in terms of possible types of responses and approaches to inference. We provide a multiresolution approach for spatial analysis of non-Gaussian responses using latent Gaussian models and Bayesian inference via integrated nested Laplace approximation (INLA)... The approach builds on `LatticeKrig', but uses a reparameterization of the model parameters that is intuitive and interpretable so that modeling and prior selection can be guided by expert knowledge about the different spatial scales at which dependence acts. The priors can be used to make inference robust and integration over model parameters allows for more accurate posterior estimates of uncertainty. The extended LatticeKrig (ELK) model is compared to a standard implementation of LatticeKrig (LK), and a standard Mat\'ern model, and we find modest improvement in spatial oversmoothing and prediction for the ELK model for counts of secondary education completion for women in Kenya collected in the 2014 Kenya demographic health survey. Through a simulation study with Gaussian responses and a realistic mix of short and long scale dependencies, we demonstrate that the differences between the three approaches for prediction increases with distance to nearest observation. read more

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