On the reliability of published findings using the regression discontinuity design in political science

no code yet • 29 Sep 2021

A reanalysis of all studies with available data suggests that researcher's discretion is not a major driver of these pathological features, but researchers tend to use inappropriate methods for inference, rendering standard errors artificially small.



A flexible and robust non-parametric test of exchangeability

alanaw1/flintyR 30 Sep 2021

Given a feature dependency structure, one can ask if the observations are exchangeable, in which case we say that they are homogeneous.

Methodology Probability Statistics Theory Quantitative Methods Statistics Theory 62G10, 62H15


The Two Cultures for Prevalence Mapping: Small Area Estimation and Spatial Statistics

gafuglstad/prevalence-mapping 18 Oct 2021

The emerging need for subnational estimation of demographic and health indicators in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) is driving a move from design-based methods to spatial and spatio-temporal approaches.

Applications Methodology


Incremental causal effects: an introduction and review

no code yet • 20 Oct 2021

We first present incremental causal effects for the case when there is a single binary treatment, such that it can be compared to average treatment effects and thus shed light on key concepts.



Bayesian Model-Averaged Meta-Analysis in Medicine

no code yet • 3 Oct 2021

We outline a Bayesian model-averaged meta-analysis for standardized mean differences in order to quantify evidence for both treatment effectiveness $\delta$ and across-study heterogeneity $\tau$.

Methodology 62F15 G.3


Exact Bias Correction for Linear Adjustment of Randomized Controlled Trials

no code yet • 16 Oct 2021

In an influential critique of empirical practice, Freedman (2008) showed that the linear regression estimator was biased for the analysis of randomized controlled trials under the randomization model.

Methodology Econometrics


A Feasibility Study of Differentially Private Summary Statistics and Regression Analyses for Administrative Tax Data

no code yet • 22 Oct 2021

Federal administrative tax data are invaluable for research, but because of privacy concerns, access to these data is typically limited to select agencies and a few individuals.



Regression markets and application to energy forecasting

no code yet • 7 Oct 2021

A key aspect that emerged is that learning and forecasting may highly benefit from distributed data, though not only in the geographical sense.

Applications Computer Science and Game Theory Systems and Control Systems and Control


Unbiased Statistical Estimation and Valid Confidence Intervals Under Differential Privacy

no code yet • 27 Oct 2021

We present a method for producing unbiased parameter estimates and valid confidence intervals under the constraints of differential privacy, a formal framework for limiting individual information leakage from sensitive data.

Methodology Cryptography and Security Statistics Theory Statistics Theory


Asymptotics of cut distributions and robust modular inference using Posterior Bootstrap

no code yet • 21 Oct 2021

We consider cut distributions from an asymptotic perspective, find the equivalent of the Laplace approximation, and notice a lack of frequentist coverage for the associate credible regions.

Methodology Statistics Theory Statistics Theory