PyDMD: A Python package for robust dynamic mode decomposition

12 Feb 2024  ·  Sara M. Ichinaga, Francesco Andreuzzi, Nicola Demo, Marco Tezzele, Karl Lapo, Gianluigi Rozza, Steven L. Brunton, J. Nathan Kutz ·

The dynamic mode decomposition (DMD) is a simple and powerful data-driven modeling technique that is capable of revealing coherent spatiotemporal patterns from data. The method's linear algebra-based formulation additionally allows for a variety of optimizations and extensions that make the algorithm practical and viable for real-world data analysis. As a result, DMD has grown to become a leading method for dynamical system analysis across multiple scientific disciplines. PyDMD is a Python package that implements DMD and several of its major variants. In this work, we expand the PyDMD package to include a number of cutting-edge DMD methods and tools specifically designed to handle dynamics that are noisy, multiscale, parameterized, prohibitively high-dimensional, or even strongly nonlinear. We provide a complete overview of the features available in PyDMD as of version 1.0, along with a brief overview of the theory behind the DMD algorithm, information for developers, tips regarding practical DMD usage, and introductory coding examples. All code is available at .

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Computation Systems and Control Systems and Control Dynamical Systems Computational Physics


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