A large-scale analysis of racial disparities in police stops across the United States

rfordatascience/tidytuesday 18 Jun 2017

We find that black drivers are stopped more often than white drivers relative to their share of the driving-age population, but that Hispanic drivers are stopped less often than whites.


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hmmTMB: Hidden Markov models with flexible covariate effects in R

theomichelot/hmmtmb 25 Nov 2022

One particularly useful extension of HMMs is the inclusion of covariates on those parameters, to investigate the drivers of state transitions or to implement Markov-switching regression models.

Methodology Computation

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nflWAR: A Reproducible Method for Offensive Player Evaluation in Football

mrcaseb/nflfastr 3 Feb 2018

We discuss how our reproducible WAR framework, built entirely on publicly available data, can be easily extended to estimate WAR for players at any position, provided that researchers have access to data specifying which players are on the field during each play.

Applications 62P99

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A flexible forecasting model for production systems

linkedin/greykite 3 May 2021

This paper discusses desirable properties of forecasting models in production systems.


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logitr: Fast Estimation of Multinomial and Mixed Logit Models with Preference Space and Willingness to Pay Space Utility Parameterizations

jhelvy/logitr 19 Oct 2022

This paper introduces the logitr R package for fast maximum likelihood estimation of multinomial logit and mixed logit models with unobserved heterogeneity across individuals, which is modeled by allowing parameters to vary randomly over individuals according to a chosen distribution.


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Adaptive Nonparametric Psychophysics

facebookresearch/aepsych 19 Apr 2021

We introduce a new set of models and adaptive psychometric testing methods for multidimensional psychophysics.

Methodology Neurons and Cognition

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Measuring the frequency dynamics of financial connectedness and systemic risk

tomaskrehlik/frequencyConnectedness 19 Dec 2017

We propose a new framework for measuring connectedness among financial variables that arises due to heterogeneous frequency responses to shocks.

Methodology Economics Statistical Finance

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Diagnostic Tests for Nested Sampling Calculations

ejhigson/nestcheck 16 Apr 2018

Nested sampling is an increasingly popular technique for Bayesian computation - in particular for multimodal, degenerate and high-dimensional problems.

Computation Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability

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Sticky PDMP samplers for sparse and local inference problems

mschauer/ZigZagBoomerang.jl 15 Mar 2021

Compared to the Gibbs sampler for variable selection, we heuristically derive favourable dependence of the Sticky Zig-Zag sampler on dimension and data size.


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Shrinkage with shrunken shoulders: Gibbs sampling shrinkage model posteriors with guaranteed convergence rates

aki-nishimura/bayes-bridge 6 Nov 2019

Use of continuous shrinkage priors -- with a "spike" near zero and heavy-tails towards infinity -- is an increasingly popular approach to induce sparsity in parameter estimates.

Methodology Statistics Theory Statistics Theory

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